Franciscan School of Theology

Clare of Assisi Scholars

The Franciscan School of Theology offers its graduates an opportunity to continue their Franciscan journey through the Clare of Assisi Scholar Program. As a Clare of Assisi Scholar, FST graduates may audit courses for a reduced fee. Restrictions apply.

To request to register, complete the registration form, obtain faculty signature, and submit your form to the registrar, together with a check or money order for $450 made out to the Franciscan School of Theology. The registrar and CFO will confirm your degree and account status and clear you to attend.


  • Students must have obtained a degree from the Franciscan School of Theology and have no outstanding balances due to the school. Degree and account status will be confirmed by the Registrar and CFO respectively before student is accepted as a Clare of Assisi Scholar.
  • Cost is $450 per course. Only one class per semester may be taken.
  • Permission of professor is required. Professors are not obligated to accept Clare of Assisi students.
  • Scholar may audit only and will not be formally registered. No grades will be given, and no transcripts will be produced or available.
  • No student services will be provided (no orientation, no mail box, no student email, no career counseling, etc.)