Franciscan School of Theology

Garrett Galvin, OFM

Associate Professor of Sacred Scripture
Vice President for Academic Affairs


(760) 547-1800


  • MA Catholic University of America
  • MA Graduate Theological Union
  • PhD Catholic University of America

“Within biblical call narratives we find a very counter-cultural element in the idea of vocation and obedience. I believe the two go together hand in glove. In most of these call narratives, we find some difficult demands being made. The biblical figure is not immediately attracted to the idea that God is telling them what to do. The important element of obedience that we find in these call narratives is that they are a conversation. Moses does not feel up to the task; Jeremiah argues that he is too young. We can only imagine what Hosea was feeling and Amos tells us that he had no preparation for his role as a prophet. Yet, all these figures continued their conversation with their God, either implicitly or explicitly. For me, this is the real counter-cultural message here. Rather than ending the conversation or ignoring God, they continued the conversation. They were willing to move from a place of comfort and security to a place of faith and trust in God’s presence and strength.”

Genesis 1-11: Creation and Sin
An exegesis course introducing students to the heavily structured content of Genesis 1-11 in the stories of creation, sin and redemption, with exploration of the tension between science and religion.

Introduction to the Old Testament
An integrated overview of the Old Testament, its main theological traditions and the historical contexts in which they grew.

Introduction to The New Testament
An Introduction to the New Testament writings in their historical, cultural, social and religious contexts, with reflection on reading and use of scripture today.