Franciscan School of Theology

Frances X. Flynn

Adjunct Faculty

(510) 848-5232 x31


  • MA, Graduate Theological Union
  • PhD, Graduate Theological Union

Ecclesiology of Church

Themes in Contemporary Catholicism
This is a course in ecclesiology from the Roman Catholic perspective. It is designed to explore the multiple and complementary dimensions that constitute the church as foundational for ecclesial ministry. Using a combination of historical method and analytical models, it shows that in every time and place, including the present, the branches of the multi-cultural church are continually determined by historical, philosophical, anthropological, geopolitical, cultural, religious and other influences. This conditioning can lead to an overemphasis on some dimensions of the church at the expense of other dimensions resulting in what would appear to be multiple ecclesiologies, for example, organizational, institutional, christological, trinitarian and juridical ecclesiology. By understanding the subtexts of these currents the informed Christian can draw more reasoned conclusions about the church today.