Franciscan School of Theology

2015 – 2016 Course Schedules

Course schedules subject to revision by the Office of the Dean.

Fall 2015

Spring 2015

Course TitleCourse NumberUnitsLevelInstructor/TimeDescription
Fundamental Moral TheologyCE 5013IntroductoryM. B. Ingham
Fri 8:10am-11:00am
This course outlines the basic structure and method of Roman Catholic moral theology, with a particular emphasis on the Franciscan moral vision. By means of common readings, discussion, and lectures, it introduces basic concepts of moral theology and moral methods from a Franciscan perspective.
Image of God: Christ, Creation, HumanityST 5033IntroductoryJ. Freyer
Tue 1:10pm-4:00pm
Following the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition, the course introduces and deepens important theological topics: Christology, Theology of Creation and Theological Anthropology. The common meeting-point of this single theological subject is recognized by the Franciscan Tradition in being image of God. By the interaction of these mirrors – Christ, Creation and Humanity – God's mystery will be revealed. The course is mainly founded on the teaching of Alexander of Hales, Bonaventure, Peter Olivi and John Duns Scotus, and will look also to issues of contemporary relevance.
Gospel of JohnNT 5033IntermediateE. Constantinou
Wed 6:10-9:00PM
An overview of the major issues related to the Gospel of John, its major theological themes, textual issues and context.
History of ChristianityHS 5013IntroductoryD. Pryds
Fri 6:00 – 9:00pm
and Sat 9:00 – 3:00:

Feb. 6 –7
March 13 – 14
April 10 –11
May 8 – 9
This introductory class offers an overview of the development of Christianity from its beginnings to the present. In addition, this course offers fundamental research skills that support graduate level study. Students must have access to Blackboard and must attend all class sessions.
Blended learning format includes both in-person meetings and online components. Classes meet four weekends a semester on the FST campus.
Intercultural TheologyST 603 3IntermediateJ. Kiesler
Mon 8:10am-11:00am
A course exploring issues of Catholic theology, mission, and indigenous culture, designed to complement Global Theological Education Initiative Immersion Programs in Native American communities of Arizona (January 2015 and Summer 2015).
Interpreting The ChurchHS 5033IntermediateJ Burns
J Chinnici
Mon 1:10-4:00PM
An exploration of major Church documents from Vatican II to present, within context of social and ecclesial developments, historical trends.
Introduction to the New TestamentNT 5013IntroductoryG. Galvin
Tue 6:10pm-9:00pm
This course studies the writings of the New Testament in their historical, cultural, social, and religious contexts. The student is introduced to the basic content, structure, and motifs of the NT writings; the theory and practice of major integrative methodologies; the hermeneutical and other critical issues of modern biblical studies; the resources for understanding, preaching and teaching the NT.
Ministry Seminar IIPS 6013IntermediateT. West
Wed 8:10–11:00AM
The second in a series of seminars required for MDiv students. The course consists of lectures on pastoral ministry, field placements, and group theological reflection exercises.
MTS ThesisMTS 9001-12AdvancedBy arrangement.
Prophets of the Old TestamentOT 5023IntermediateM. Guinan
Thu 8:10am-11:00am
A survey of prophets in the OT proceeding along two axes: 1) an historical overview focusing on the "great" prophets of the 8th/7th/6th centuries; and 2) a thematic overview focusing on how the prophets spoke to their present and to the future.
Sacraments of the ChurchLS 6043IntermediateJ. Sabak
Fri 6:00 – 9:00pm
and Sat 9:00 – 3:00:

February 13 – 14
March 20 – 21
April 17 – 18
May 1 – 2
An exploration of the Sacraments of the Catholic Church, their Scriptural and historical background, development over the centuries, and current practice. Classes meet four weekends a semester on the FST campus.
Social Entrepreneurship & Franciscan Economic EthicsSPST 6053IntermediateJ. Freyer
K. Warner

Live webcasts Sat 9:00am to noon as follows:
Feb 7, 14, 28
Mar 7, 14
April 11, 18
May 2

Five required Saturdays at FST:
Jan 31 and May 2: 9:00am – noon;
Feb 21, Mar 21, and April 25: 9:00am – noon and 2:00-5:00pm
What is the spiritual and ethical motivation of your social change leadership? Social entrepreneurship holds great promise as a solution methodology by applying business principles to social needs, such as the provision of education and health care, and sustainable food and energy. This course will propose the religious and ethical vision of St. Francis and the Franciscan movement as the foundation for lifelong social change leadership. As a result of this course, students will be able to articulate how Franciscan ethics applied to social entrepreneurship can foster the society envisioned by Catholic social teaching. Co-taught by Johannes Freyer, OFM, and Keith Douglass Warner, OFM. Blended learning format – online and in person.
Special Reading CourseSRC 7991-12IntermediateBy arrangement.
Special Reading CourseSRC 8991-12AdvancedBy arrangement.
Special Reading CourseSRC 5991-12IntroductoryBy arrangement.
Theology of God and TrinityST 6023IntermediateJ. Kiesler
Tues 8:10 - 11:00am
This is a basic course in the theology of God which begins with contemporary challenges to belief posed by secularization and science. Then there will be an exploration of the historical development and theological articulation of the Christian understanding of God as triune. Finally, attention will be given to modern attempts to understand the Trinity. Prerequisites: Introduction to Theology.
Women and Religious LeadershipSPHS 6053IntermediateD. Pryds
Mon 6:00-9:00pm on the USD campus as follows:

Mon Jan. 26
Mon Feb. 2
Mon Feb. 9
Mon March 9
Mon March 16
Mon April 13
Mon May 4
Mon May 11
This course offered at the USD campus is an intermediate course exploring the history of women in leadership roles within Christianity. Methodologically, the course explores the topic of how women have achieved leadership roles throughout Christian history; therefore, the lectures will be historical in nature and students will be expected to use historical method in their analyses. There will be ample room for student-generated input based on experience and research. In fact, students must anticipate being active co-creators of this course, since the topic is too broad for any single professor to teach in a comprehensive way.
Blended learning format includes both in-person meetings and online components.
Writings: Francis and Clare of AssisiSP 5013IntroductoryW. Short
M. Higgins
Tue 8:10-11:00am
A careful reading of the complete writings of the two saints of Assisi, exploring their “Gospel form of life,” the
bases of Francis-Clarian spirituality; their images of God, Christ, Church, and the human person. All texts available in English translation. No previous study of Franciscan
sources necessary.

Summer 2015

Course TitleCourse NumberUnitsLevelInstructor/
Global Theological Education Initiative Immersion ProgramGTE 5011.5IntroductoryJ. Kiesler
One week: Mon-Fri
Glocal Theological Education Immersion Experience among members of the White Mountain Apache Tribe of eastern Arizona, one week in duration, with opportunities for learning with tribal leaders, local Church community members and ministers.
Course Levels
Academic Areas
CEChristian Ethics/Moral Theology
HSHistorical Studies
LSLiturgical Studies
NTNew Testament Studies
OTOld Testament Studies
PSPastoral Studies
SPSpirituality Studies
STSystematic Theology


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