Franciscan School of Theology


The concurrent Master of Divinity (MDiv) and Master of Theological Studies (MTS) degrees prepare students for Church or lay ecclesial ministry, plus providing a breadth of theological understanding for general educational purposes. It offers appropriate preparation for those intending to serve in ministries.  The program is designed to take 4 years. The goals of the concurrent MDiv/MTS degrees are the same as for the individual degrees. Click here for a discussion of the MTS degree, and here for the guidelines used in establishing the Franciscan School of Theology’s MDiv program, and for special admission requirements for the MDiv.

Note that those students intending to serve as ordained presbyters in the Catholic Church will be required to complete an additional year of studies in theological subjects and ministerial training. Click here for details.

MDiv/MTS students are required to:

  • Complete 96 semester units as described in the curriculum below, of which a maximum of 24 may be taken at the University of San Diego’s graduate schools.
  • Engage in all field education requirements
  • Maintain an overall 3.0 grade point average in all required and elective courses
  • Be enrolled in the school for at least 8 semesters to fulfill the 4-year full-time tuition residency requirement
  • Complete all work within 8 years of the first semester of enrollment

Curriculum of the MDiv/MTS Program

Course Area Units
First Semester
Introduction to Old Testament 3
Basic Christian Liturgy 3
Basic Systematic Theology (Intro or God and Trinity)3
Ancient Christianity/Medieval to Reformation 3
Second to Eighth Semesters
Fundamental Moral Theology 3
Modern American Catholicism or Interpreting the Church Today3
Second Course in Ethics (Choose 1)
Introduction to New Testament 3
Advanced New Testament Courses (Choose 2)
-Synoptic Gospels
-Gospel and Epistles of John
-Pauline Letters
Advanced Old Testament Courses (Choose 1)
-Wisdom Literature
Christology 3
Intercultural Theology (in __________)3
Ecclesiology: Theology and Ministry in the Church3
Sacramental Theology 3
Professional Ethics1.5
Third to Sixth Semesters
Ministry Seminar I 3
Ministry Seminar II 3
Ministry Seminar III 3
Ministry Seminar IV 3
Elective Specialization12

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