Franciscan School of Theology

Tuition and Fees

On this page you will find cost of tuition, fees, and other related expenses for academic year 2016 – 2017.

Tuition for All Degree and Non-Degree Programs ($750 per unit)
12 Units$ 9,000 per semester
9 Units$ 6,750 per semester
6 Units$ 4,500 per semester
3 Units$ 2,250 per semester
Application Fee (non-refundable)$ 50
Comprehensive (activity) fee$ 90 per semester
Student Health Insurance (2015-16)$1,973(2016-17 cost TBD)
Late Registration (initial enrollment on or after first day of classes)$ 100
Enrollment Changes (after second week of classes)$ 50per class
Graduation Fee$ 100
Transcripts$ 7
$ 10
Clare of Assisi Scholar$ 450per class
International Students (estimated expenses for academic year 2016-2017
Tuition and Fees$ 18,180
Room and Board$ 12,375
Books and Supplies$ 1,000
Medical Insurance$1,988
Personal Expenses$ 3,875

Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice


Tuition will be refunded at the following rates to students who formally withdraw from the Franciscan School of Theology:

Through first week of semester100%
Through second week of semester75%
Through third week of semester50%
Fourth week of semester and beyondNo refund