Franciscan School of Theology

International Students

On this page you will find information pertaining to International Students who want to study at the Franciscan School of Theology.

FST is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant students.

The Franciscan School of Theology has a long history of welcoming and enrolling students from all over the world.  Our campus and classes are filled with a rich of diversity of culture and language.  Germany, Korea, Vietnam, Spain, China, the Philippines, Ireland, Japan, South Africa and Mexico are just some of the countries from which our students have come.


FST-Office of Admissions
4050 Mission Avenue
Oceanside, CA  92057

Directors of Admissions and Recruitment:

Jeanette Gonzalez
1-760-547-1800  Extension 204

Gabriela Heintschel
1-760-547-1800  Extension 226

International Students come to FST for four primary reasons:

  1. To obtain a Master of Theological Studies (MTS)
  2. To obtain a Master of Divinity (MDiv)
  3. To Study Abroad for a semester or one year (College/University student)
  4. For Sabbatical.

For details pertaining to these opportunities, please go to our Degrees and Programs page.

To obtain a degree (the MTS or the MDiv) International Students must provide

To study abroad for a semester or one year, International Students must provide

To apply for Sabbatical, International Students must provide