Franciscan School of Theology

Financial Aid

On this page you will find information pertaining to Financial Aid that comes specifically from the Franciscan School of Theology.

FULL-TIME FST TUITION FOR Fall 2014-Spring 2015:   

$17,280 ($8,640 is due per semester)

For specific costs and unit breakdown CLICK HERE.

Compared to many graduate theology environments, FST is an affordable school.  Your studies are an investment of time, money and purpose like no other.  The Franciscans, and their friends and benefactors, support degree students as much as financially possible.  Fortunately, money is available to help you study based on merit, need and degree status (Note:  See General Financial Aid Policies below).

The Franciscan School of Theology offers scholarships, tuition assistance, two special programs for employees of Catholic institutions and a program for professed members of the Order of Franciscan Seculars. In addition, FST participates in the Federal Direct Loan Program, open to US citizens and permanent residents.

Note:  Until June 15, 2014, to apply for federal student loans, contact Denise Morita at the GTU Consortial Financial Aid office at 510-649-2469 or email]  After June 15, please contact Jeanette Gonzalez (see below).


Contact the Director of Recruitment, Jeanette Gonzalez, at 760-547-1800 Ext. 204 or by email at .  Please read the below information carefully.


You may begin the financial process as you work on your application.  Please inform the Director of Recruitment you will be applying for financial aid from FST as soon as possible.  The Director of Recruitment is responsible for guiding you through the financial aid process as it pertains to funds that come from the Franciscan School of Theology.


In general, there are four forms of financial aid opportunities through FST:  Scholarships, Tuition Assistance, Catholic Employee Discounts and discounts for professed members of the Order of Franciscan Seculars.  In general, these funds are only made available to degree students.

1) Scholarships are funds that come directly from the Franciscan School of Theology.  The Franciscan School of Theology offers two scholarships to incoming degree students: the Mary Stuart Rogers Scholarship and the Oliver Lynch Scholarship, both for up to full tuition. Scholarships are awarded to applicants who have shown exceptional academic achievement in their previous academic work and who also may demonstrate financial need. For the Mary Stuart Rogers Scholarship, preference is given to applicants from the Diocese of Stockton, California, but not limited to residents from the area.  See the application form link below.

2) Tuition Assistance is provided and granted to qualified students through the generosity of friends, benefactors and development efforts.  Tuition assistance is largely based on financial need. See the application form link below (it is the same form as used for Scholarships).

3) Catholic Employee Discounts:  Applicants employed in Catholic schools, parishes, religious orders, or related institutions may be eligible for either a 25% reduction in tuition, or up to 50% matching funds from FST if their employer contributes to their tuition.  The Catholic Employee Discount program has its own application form.

4) Professed Members of the Order of Franciscan Seculars (OFS):   The particular and special relationship to those professed in the life of St. Francis encourages FST to extend financial support to professed members of the Secular Franciscan Order (OFS).  OFS applicants have two discounts available to them: 25% reduction in tuition, or up to 50% matching funds from FST when a fraternity contributes to their tuition.

These discounts apply to both  degree and non-degree applicants who take courses for full-credit.   To apply for the  discount, submit an OFS Discount Application.


Several things must be done to apply for Financial Aid at FST.  The process also involves two people:  Vince Nims and Denise Morita.  Please read the instructions carefully.

For US Citizens and Permanent Residents, ALL FINANCIAL AID APPLICANTS MUST:

  1. Complete the Franciscan School of Theology Financial Aid Application 2014-2015. Priority deadlines are March 15, 2014 (Priority One) and April 23, 2014 (Priority Two) for Fall 2014, and November 1 for Spring 2015. Applications submitted after the deadlines will be considered in the order in which they are received and according to the availability of funds, academic merit, and need.  Return this form to the Director of Recruitment, Jeanette Gonzalez.
  2. File a 2014-2015 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). PLEASE BE SURE TO USE THE FOLLOWING CODE:  FST’s school code is G11792. The information provided in the FAFSA allows FST’s Financial Aid Officer to assess the expected contribution score, based upon your financials.  FST uses this information to make determinations provide award amounts.
  3. For federal loans only, complete a 2014-2015 GTU Domestic Student Financial Aid ApplicationUntil June 15, 2014, return this form to Denise Morita at the GTU Financial Aid office.  Denise can be reached at , or by calling 510-649-2469.  Note: this form is only absolutely necessary if you are appling for Federal loans.  Please complete this form, however, if you intend to apply for both FST Financial Aid and Federal loans.  This will expidite the process once you have been accepted and hope to know how much qualify for.
  4. If you are apply for a Catholic Employee Discount or a discount as a professed member of the Order of Franciscan Seculars, do not complete steps 1-3.

Employees of Catholic Institutions

Employees of Catholic institutions may apply for special assistance by completing the Catholic Employee Discount Application, CLICK HERE for the form.

Note:  You do not have to complete the FST Financial Aid Application, the FAFSA or the GTU Domestic Student Financial Aid Application.

Members of Religious Orders

Members of religious orders must submit a statement from their superiors indicating explicitly the amount of financial support the order will provide for the upcoming academic year, the nature of the need for assistance, and the amount requested.

International Applicants

International applicants must submit a statement indicating explicitly the amount of financial support available for the upcoming academic year, the nature of the need for assistance, and the amount requested.


  1. Financial aid is reserved for degree students.  Preference is given to full-time degree students.  Part-time students can apply assistance.
  2. Non-degree students cannot apply for Financial Aid (unless you are a professed member of Order of Franciscan Seculars). 
  3. Financial Aid is limited to tuition cost, based on the academic year.  Awards are adjusted accordingly from year to year. This does not include fees, books, housing, living expenses or health care.
  4. Degree students must complete all elements of the Financial Aid process to be considered for Financial Aid in any amount.
  5. Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress and Achievement as defined in our Academic Policies.  And, in some cases, may have specific academic expectations based on the source of their reward.
  6. Financial aid is time sensitive.  Funds are granted only for the maximum number of years a degree program is designed to take. Financial responsibility falls to the student when his or her program extends beyond the maximum number of years.
  7. Financial Aid applications are determined by the FST-Financial Aid Committee and officially awarded in writing by the President of the Franciscan School of Theology.