Franciscan School of Theology

Apply to FST: Berkeley

On this page you will find specific information about applying to FST in Berkeley, CA, and what to do to that end.  Due to FST’s relocation, new students in Berkeley as of Jan 1, 2013, are limited to non-degree status. 


When you determine that you want to apply to FST, an Application Form and various elements must be completed for review. All degree students (Except Approved International College Students) must have at least a bachelor’s degree (Or equivalent studies) to apply.  Non-degree students do not need a bachelor’s degree.  In some cases, there are also specific requirements. Go to our Requirements Page for these details.


There is one three-page Application Form for FST.  CLICK HERE to see the application and/or print it.  Applications are also available in the Office of Admissions or can be mailed to you.

Non-degree (Or Special) Students may apply for the following:

Sabbatical (For one semester, or two; for credit or auditing)
A Certificate (24 units, emphasizing a particular area of interest or discipline)
Single Courses/Continuing Education (For credit, or audit)

Non-degree Students must submit a completed Application for Admission consisting of:
The Application Form
A $40 Application Fee
A Statement of Purpose
Transcripts for any undergraduate studies
Note: Letters of Recommendation are not required for the Non-degree/Special Student Application process.


We accept fall applications all year.

The fall semester, however, begins with New Student Orientation the last week of August and classes begin the first week of September. We accept applications as late as the month of August itself.  We encourage new fall students to complete applications before the end of the spring semester. For example, if you want to attend in the fall, complete your application on or before May 1. We will accept applications later and through the summer months.


We accept spring applications all year.

The spring semester, however, begins with New Student Orientation the last week of January and classes begin the first week of February. We accept applications as late as the month of January itself, but there is a priority dead-line of November 15 for students who request financial aid (See below). We encourage new spring students to complete applications before the holidays. For example, if you want to attend in the spring, complete your application on or before November 15. We will accept applications later.


Financial aid is not available for non-degree students.


Your Application File
Applications are handled by the Director of Recruitment in the Office of Admissions, Mr. Vince Nims, M.T.S..  He is responsible for helping you prepare your application and managing your file from the time it arrives at FST until you receive a response.  To Contact:

Vince Nims, M.T.S. at:
Office Desk: 510-848-5232 Ext 18
Office Cell: 510-828-2869 (Text friendly)

When Vince Nims is not available, you may also call the school’s main line: 510-848-5232 or email

The Admissions Process
Once we receive your Application Form, the $40 Application Fee and Statement of Purpose, a file is created for you. Official academic transcripts are to be sent directly to the Office of Admissions. We do accept electronic transcripts when they are sent from colleges and universities.

Application Elements and Transcripts , send to:
Franciscan School of Theology
1712 Euclid Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94709
Attention: Office of Admissions

When your application is complete, your file is reviewed by a committee consisting of the Academic Dean, Br. William Short, OFM, and at least two faculty members. The dean, at the recommendation of the committee and his own evaluation, will respond with a letter indicating whether or not you have been accepted to FST.

The time it takes to hear back from FST varies. You may always call the Director of Recruitment about the status of your file. We know what an important decision this is for you. Great care is taken in the admission process, and we do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

When you are accepted, a Letter of Intent will accompany your Letter of Acceptance. It confirms with us whether or not you accept the offer to begin your studies, and when you wish to start. It is also with this form you can decline our offer or defer your acceptance to a later time. You must return your Letter of Intent form before you are considered an official “New Student” of the Franciscan School of Theology.