Franciscan School of Theology

Academic Calendar 2013-2014

July 20134ThursdayIndependence Day. FST closed
August 201323FridayFaculty In-Service 9:00-4:30
26-30Monday-FridayNew Student Orientation
September 20132MondayLabor Day. FST closed
4WednesdayOpening Liturgy, 5:15pm, Retreat Chapel
4WednesdayFST & USD fall classes begin.
Opening Liturgy 5:15
10TuesdayStaff Meeting 11:00-12:30
11WednesdayFaculty Meeting 1:30-4:30
17TuesdayStudents' Retreat
18WednesdayFaculty Lecture 7:00 pm
27FridayRegents' Meeting 10:00-5:00
30MondayAssisi Presentation OMSLR & Berkeley
October 20133ThursdayTransitus of St. Francis
4FridayFeast of St. Francis. FST closed
5SaturdayOMSLR St. Francis Festival 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
8TuesdayStaff Meeting 11:00-12:30
9WednesdayFaculty Meeting 1:30-4:30
16WednesdayFaculty Lecture 7:00pm
31-Nov 1Thursday-FridayATS Visit
November 20131-Jan 21, 2014Friday-TuesdayRegistration Period
4-11Monday-MondayAdvising for Spring 2014
13WednesdayFaculty Meeting 1:30-4:30
20WednesdayFaculty Lecture 7:00pm
22FridayRegents' Meeting 10:00-5:00
28-29Thursday-FridayThanksgiving. FST closed
December 20139MondayFeast of the Immaculate Conception Liturgy, 10:30am
11WednesdayFaculty Meeting 1:30-4:30
18WednesdayFaculty Lecture, 7:00pm
20FridayLast day to submit Petition for Incomplete for Fall 2013 courses
20FridayEnd of FST and USD classes
23-Jan 1Monday-WednesdayChristmas and New Years. FST closed
January 20146-24Monday-FridayIntersession 2014
10FridayLast day to make up incompletes from Fall 2013 semester
10FridayLast day to submit fall 2013 course grades
20MondayMartin Luther King, Jr. Day. FST closed
21TuesdayDeadline for payment of tuition and fees without a penalty
22-Feb 5Wednesday-WednesdayLate registration period.
24-25Friday-SaturdayFaculty In-Service 9:00-4:30
21-23Tuesday-ThursdayNew Student Orientation
27MondayFST & USD spring classes begin
31FridayLast day to submit grades to remove incompletes from fall 2013.
February 201412WednesdayJoint north/south meeting 11:30-12:30
17MondayPresidents' Day. FST closed
20-21Thursday-FridayRegents' Retreat and Meeting
March 20145WednesdayAsh Wednesday
10-14Monday-FridayUSD/FST Spring Break
13WednesdayJoint north/south meeting 11:30-12:30
April 20141-3Tuesday-ThursdayWASC Visit
9WednesdayJoint north/south meeting 11:30-12:30
17ThursdayFST closes at 12:30 for Easter
18FridayGood Friday. FST closed
21MondayEaster Monday. FST closed
25FridayRegents' Meeting 10:00-5:00
May 201414WednesdayJoint north/south meeting 11:30-12:30
19MondayClosing Liturgy 4:30 in the St. Clare Chapel
23FridayEnd of FST and USD semester
26MondayMemorial Day. FST closed